For almost two decades BRUTAL GOD from Zurich (Switzerland) stands for hard Death Metal, in combination with severely dirty Rock’n’Roll!
Founded in 1999, the combo has since toured through the Swiss underground with the raw spirit that always gave BRUTAL GOD its clear-cut profile: handmade, brutal and rolling!

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21.04.2018 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Excruciation
31.12.2016  METALDISKO, Graffiti, Bern,
w/ Debauchery, Valgrind, The Artifice, Hellvetica
10.12.2016 MUZAK at Galerie du Sauvage, Porrentruy,
w/ Calcined , Dead End
22.10.2016 Flösserplatz, Aarau,
w/ Omophagia , Virum
03.09.2016 Hall of fame, Wetzikon
w/ Frozen Gate , Firtan , Skaldensang , Inner Sanctum
28.05.2016 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Calcined
14.05.2016 Guss 39, Bülach,
w/ Blood Bound , Soldiers Bloodcraft , Dark Path
24.10.2015  Metal Café, altes Wasserwerk, Lörrach
w/ Bitterness , Defaced , Entorx
22.08.2015 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ Gutrectomy
06.12.2014 Swiss Attack im Neugasshof, Zürich,
w/ The Percent
27.09.2014 Metal Apocalyse im Mundwerk, Zürich,
w/ Mind Patrol , Tendonitis
18.09.2014 Trinity 23 im Hirschi, Basel,
w/ Mamma Mammut , Grey Monday
23.08.2014 Met-Bar, Lenzburg,
w/ a bunch of very cool people ;)
08.02.2014  METALDISKO, Graffiti, Bern,
w/ Severe Torture, Cytotoxin, Rages of Sin
w/ Disbelief, Prostitute Disfigurement and more
21.01.2012, Winterthur,
w/ Surrealist, Exit
09.09.2011, Winistorf,
w/ Road to Nowhere, Mekonium, Frozenroom
25.02.2009 Werk 21, Zurich,
w/ Damage Disaster (AT)
19.04.2009  Popcorn, Saas Fee, Snickers Popcorn Wallride
15.12.2009 MehSuff im Tommasini, Lenzburg,
w/ Bitterness, Unlight, Tribes of Chain & Punish
12.08.2009  Breitnau (GER)
w/ Disparaged & Reflected Soul
31.03.2006  Alte Kaserne, Winterthur,
w/ Tiburon & SODOM
31.12.2005 Werk 21, Zürich, Totentanz/Dunkler Sylvesterball
w/ Unlight
21.10.2005 C4 Islikon, Swiss Metal Session
w/Punish, Morbus Gravis & Shadow's Far
19.06.2005 Gaswerk, Winterthur,
w/ Requiem, Nominon & VITAL REMAINS (US)
23.07.2005 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Fallbeil, Mother's Milk,Censored & Jesus and the Gurus
04.05.2005 GGS Winterthur,
w/ Alienacja (PL)
09.04.2005  Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Embalming Theatre (CH)
26.02.2005 Sous le Pont, Bern,
w/ Mephitic Entities (CH)
18.02.2005 KuZeB, Bremgarten,
w/ Bleeding Hate
11.12.2004 Widder, Winterthur,
w/ Flag of Doom
04.12.2004 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Lunatic Dictator & Fleshcrawl
09.10.2004  GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Tiburon
28.08.2004 Kulturwerk 118, Sursee, Hellvetia Days 4,
w/ Nasty Vermin, Carnal Decay, Vacarme, The Awakening, Amok & Stump Fucking
14.08.2004 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Mutilation & As Sanity Fades 
26.06.2004 JessieJamesPub, Herisau,
w/ Todesblei
30.04.2004 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Lunatic Dictator & Fleshcrawl
17.01.2004 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Flag of Doom & Todesblei
07.06.2003 GG31, Winterthur,
w/ Eyes See Red & Mulder
29.03.2003 Werk 21, Zürich,
w/ Abgrund & Mutilation



The facts and the fucks compressed...

2017 - We put all our energy into the producing process for 'THE DAY OF THE LORD’. It will be released in early 2018. As we did on its predecessor, we nailed down our best material so far. We are very proud about the results. It is raw, vital and brutally direct as it is NOT fucking quantized or re-amped, but handmade, brutal and rolling. On top of that, we teamed up with some guests. This was great fun and an enrichment for the album! We are thoroughly enthusiastic about winning Markus Heule over for the project. He makes a priceless effort to give our work the sound it needs and deserves! It is so great to have such a generous friend with all his phenomenal skills and crazy equipment on board. The results speak for themselves! Andreas Hebeisen, engineer for ‘LET THERE BE GOD’, again placed his amazing stamp during another photo session for making us look glorious again! Now we are looking forward to resuming live activities again!

2016 - Composing, arranging, recording and doing rough mixes lead to great listening partys. We tightened up our live set with some catchy samples and played cool shows by the second half of the year. But the coolest impact on the BRUTAL GOD show has our new part-time member Möne! She is a real good compadre and acts on stage like a beast.

The year ended up with a great gig at New Year's Eve and left us with a lot of work to finish down the bunker. Stay tuned for more brutal songs and hopefully a new LP in 2017!

2015 - Evolving brutality down the bunker! In defiance of the normal shitload of duties beside the band, Bari, Mitch and Dave made it to new heights in composing and arranging songs. This of course leaded to the decision to make another record for having the best of it nailed down to the bands history. But that meant also a lot of body work inside the bunker: New equipment, an isolated recoding box and a new entertainment system for the fun of it, had to be planned, bought, build and tested. As the chance came along to present the new material live to people, the assault on the recoding process just started at the end of the year.

2014 - After the release of „Let there be God“ by the end of January, the year started by the band 's first live appearance in the trio line-up. This first show in early February (@Graffiti, Berne) represented an important mile­stone: The trio formation sounds brutal as hell!
In addition, BRUTAL GOD was able to place the song „Purgatory Rise“ on the Legacy sampler No. 89. In the same magazine there is an interview and a review of "Let there be God".

Legacy 089 - 10/15 review, interview and sampler-art
The original Legacy interview with Daniel Ableev

In terms of the previous EP (Back from Hell), Dave found an extremely entertaining and perceptive review that proves once again that things that have been made with passion eventually produce the well-deserved echo.

2013 - A year of reorganisation and hard work for both - the re-arrangement of the long standing material and the composing of new tracks. Bassman Dave superbly acted his part in brushing up his voice for the vocals. Mitch is now shredding at least one and a half guitars and Bari tightened his drums. In February his majesty Andreas Hebeisen again did a tremendous effort to bann BRUTAL GOD's ugly faces on some great prints.
The band planned to handle a project for a new release charily by first of all doing some solid rehearsal room takes of the new songs just to refresh the band's website in order to do the “real” recordings later in a studio. But at the end of october the complete recordings for an EP had somehow formed together and the band decided to publish the material - in opposition to their primary plans - as an official release. The recordings are raw, without any frills and correspond properly with the band's basic attitude. The additions of guest musician Francesco "Ciccio" Bettamin, BRUTAL GOD’s one-man-brass-section, increase the band's vision and concept for LET THERE BE GOD to a Trojan strike.
His accurate ears and his precision at the console transformed Andreas Hebeisen finally into the most important man behind the band. An All-hail goes out to king Andy!

LET THERE BE GOD Recording - Impressions
Photosession in February with Andreas Hebeisen
2012 - The Band was proud to present the new EP 'Back From Hell' in January. It has been completely recorded and mixed in the band's bunker. Roman at Bird Studios did the mastering. We are very proud of the results, in particular of having nailed down the tightest and steadiest line-up BRUTAL GOD ever consisted of.

Sadly 'Back from Hell' represents the last recording of Patrick’s guitar and voice as he died all of a sudden in September. In confrontation with that ugly fact, the band had to find a way to deal with this. With the certainty of still having the best formation for that band since its foundation, Mitch, Dave and Bari decided to continue BRUTAL GOD as a three piece venture and have initiated the works for a new album.

Found on the web (check out at 6.08!)

2011 - Since the beginning of march, BRUTAL GOD was back on his trio-formation again. Due to a lack of time ressources, Michi quitted the band. It was a pity! In fact, BRUTAL GOD was in the starting holes to resume live activities. Luckily enough, Dave, BRUTAL GOD's present bassist (Ex-Trickshot), showed up very soon. Dave's participation is a complete bonanza for the band! BRUTAL GOD concentrated on recording sessions for a while. We plan to publish the results in January 2012. The promotion pictures for the new website (launched in August) and cover artwork have been made again by Andreas Hebeisen who had done photographs for the band at other occasions (e.g. Hell). After having finally resumed live activities in September, the year ended getting done the work for the new EP.

Photosession with Andreas Hebeisen
Back on Track-Party

2010 - During that year BRUTAL GOD did not have live activities, although the band had chances to play. For example BRUTAL GOD was elected to play the competition for a support-slot at the Wacken-Festival 2010. BRUTAL GOD was one of 16 bands to do the competition, chosen out of 120. A great suprise and a success too. Sadly, BRUTAL GOD was not able to challenge the competition. Bari had to undergo a surgery of his ankle due to an accident that happened in summer 2009. Therefore he was not able to do any pedalwork. So there were not many timeslots to plan any shows. But nonetheless, the rehearsals took place every week with great fun and power! BRUTAL GOD was looking forward to play shows in 2011.

Bunker impressions

2009 - In April, the band broke up with Psyko, who had been the band's bassist for almost 10 years. Marcel did not turn out to be the right choice for the vocal job. In August/September, the torso of the band, which, after all these years, turned out to actually constitute BRUTAL GOD (Patrick, Bari & Mitch) had to find a new bassist. At first, BRUTAL GOD tinkered with the idea of staying a trio. But as Mitch always said: Three is one less! So that bass-quest started.
The search, as supposed, turned out to be quite difficult. In September 2009 finally, BRUTAL GOD was contacted by Michi, former bassist of the Swiss-Metallers ,Drifter'. BRUTAL GOD was finally complete and started rehearsing as a quartet. Patrick took over the vocal job, which is most likely one of the best decisions the band has ever made!
After a period of almost 10 years, BRUTAL GOD has moved from Winterthur to Dietikon, where they discovered the perfect rehearsal room for all of their needs: playing and production, and a huge fridge for an endless stream of beer!

Brutal God's 10th anniversary

2008 - In March, Bari appeared suddenly in a legendary rehearsal session and spontaneously banged the whole HELL-live-set with the two guitarists, although there havn't been any rehearsal sessions for a long time. This made everything clear! This line-up brought back that Brutal Roll finally! Bari joined BRUTAL GOD again. For a concert in Saas Fe in April, 'Wild Zero' drummer Marcel was consulted as vocalist.

2007 - HELL was unleashed in summer. Bari was obliged to quit the band shortly after due to family reasons. Walt, vocalist on HELL and most of the preceding demo-recordings also quitted the band.
During that year, BRUTAL GOD was requested by a fan to play at the Wacken Festival (Metal Hammer 10/2007)! Hopefully this will happen one day! Thank you Philipp!

2006 - Recordings for HELL (BRUTAL GOD's first full length record) during summer and autumn. Producers of the album were Ralph Beier (Assburn Studio) and BRUTAL GOD.

2005 - BRUTAL GOD performed many shows during that year. A perfect prearrangement for the first album so called HELL.

2004 - Studio work for " Days of Terror" , the 4th and last demo (recorded with Jean-Claude Brunner on drums), which appeared in autumn. In December Bari joined the band for the drum department. The band began to find their groove. The line up seemed to be right to play the sound of BRUTAL GOD.

days of terror 2004

2003 - Release of "Painful damned trip", another demo. Mitch joined the band at the end of that year.

painful damned trip 2003

2002 - Release of "For all the death", a second demo. At the end of that year, the name of the band was changed into BRUTAL GOD.

for all the death

2000 - A year in the rehearsal room. The band began to develop.

1999 - Patrick founded the band  "Brutal God Jahwe". The first demo, called "Masters of fire" was recorded by Patrick nearly alone.

Thank you for all these years!

Patrick "Päde" Lange, your approach to Rock’n’Roll was full of devotion and enthusiasm. Your style in riffing, singing and composing was unique. We always looked up to this or rather we still do.

This dedication to Metal, which we shared, will always be our source of inspiration while writing and playing new songs in order to still become fair the name BRUTAL GOD. What else are we here for?

This is how we keep you in our hearts and in our minds forever!